Designs for the Built Environment.


Hardscape Design

Hardscape Design refers to any outdoor constructed feature, such as plazas, walkways, structures (arbors, outdoor fireplaces, etc.), pool and fountain design, entry signs, walls, parking areas, etc.

We have experience in every market, from Green Roofs, to Medical and Hospitality, to Single & Multi-Family Residential, Resort, Commercial and Government. From intimate sitting areas, to parks that support thousands of visitors. We can help create your vision.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design can be as simple as planning for a single plant to compliment a space, or it can be as complex as designing a 200 acre campus lush with plants.

Regardless of how large or how small your project is, we have the experience and creativity to design every aspect of the space. We can help your project blend in to the surroundings, or we can make it the standard by with other projects are judged.

Tree Protection

Tree Protection refers to the requirement for projects to submit plans to local municipalities, showing how the proposed project will meet the local Tree and Landscape Ordinance. We have several decades of experience designing to meet these requirements, and we have experience in coordinating the project with the Government Officials that review the drawings.

We can help you bridge the gap between holding drawings, and holding permits.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Designs are increasingly important, and in some cases, mandatory. We have spent years honing our skills creating designs that use almost no water (Xeriscaping), and increased our use of low-impact and renewable materials in our designs. Every project can benefit in many ways by utilizing these processes and methods.

Our experience includes Green Roof design (both hardscape and landscape), Xeriscape design, and Edible Landscape design. By creative design, we can help you save money, time and resources over the life of your project.